„Beratung & Begleitung durch kunstorientierte Prozesse“
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Expressive Arts is a phenomenological education of the lived experience in the arts. We think that knowledge is not something that clings to us from the outside but emerges self-organized in us. The learning and teaching styles in our education are therefore directed towards allowing the complexity of the content to come through while giving the participants guidance to find
their own structures.

Based on the phenomenological foundation, art-specific and interdisciplinary (multidisciplinary) fundamental principles are conveyed that help individuals to develop and represent their own profile.

This is done by the equal orientation of our training towards theory,
practice and POIESIS, i.e. the shaping that takes form in the artistic activity.

Taking into account the guidelines of the international professional association IEATA and the European Graduate School, the training
program combines experiential learning in intermodal Expressive Arts, critical reflection, applied research in the theoretical foundations and applied practice through the internship.

Expressive Arts in the monitoring and management of processes of change always also means dealing with one's own personality. The professional self-knowledge and the recognition of individual structures of perception and behavior are essential preconditions not only to see and appreciate different perspectives on life but also to learn from them and to protect them.

The diversity of individual perspectives and approaches in the community
of the training group is an essential part of the learning culture of the institution.

Structure of the program

The Masters program is designed in thematic units and modularized. It is a part-time study with intensive seminars in Berlin and summer residencies at the European Graduate School in Saas Fee. The three modules in Berlin run as ongoing weekend events over 15 month and start every fall, the three modules offered by the European Graduate School in three week summer schools.

Module K: Focus intermodal Art Berlin
Module ITS-P:    Methods, interdisciplinary approach Saas Fee
Module P: Internship Berlin
Module F: Theoretical Foundations & Research Berlin
Module ITS-D:  Philosophy & aesthetic foundations
Interdisciplinary approach
Saas Fee
Module IT-3: Exam Saas Fee

The modules of the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin offer a continuous qualification. They are open to applicants with relevant previous qualifications and can be visited independently of a training intention.

All modules of the Expressive Arts Institute are listed in the curriculum and described in terms of its content and objectives.




Learning is the basic process of all changes.
The continuous stream of impulses from internal and external sources means a permanent processing of mental stimuli. This must be digested in cognitive procedures again and again.

Learning happens when we are able to give a present moment a unique structure, a beginning, a course of events, an end and a meaning.

Learning is not only to convey material but also to develop sense. This is a process in which each of us, our being in the world and our being towards the world are brought into a new order.