„Beratung & Begleitung durch kunstorientierte Prozesse“
Expressive Arts Institute Berlin
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Master of Expressive Arts
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Barbara Hielscher Witte

Barbara Hielscher-Witte
Director                                                 Expressive Arts Institute Berlin
Studio for methodspecific development

PH.D. (Cand.)
CAGS Expressive Arts
Music Therapy Lecturer
Psychotherapy (HPG)
Eurhythmics Diplome
Certified Dalcroze-Teacher
Assistant Dean of the Arts,
Health & Society Division EGS

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  Judith Alalu Langnas

Judith Alalu Langnas

Clinical Psychologist, Expressive Arts Therapist & Supervisor,
CAGS, PH.D. (Cand.),
Visual Artist, Co-author
Co-Founder of TAE Peru/Barcelona


  Dr. Habib Afsar

Dr. Habib Afsar

Master of Arts (MA) in Expressive Arts Coaching, Consulting and Education,           Master of Science (MSC) Health Systems Management, Fellow of College (FCPS) of Physicians and Surgeons in Community Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.)
Bachelor of Surgery (B.S.)
MA Fine Arts (Art in Public Sphere)
Luzern School of Art and Design


  Yasaman Pishvaei

Yasaman Pishvaei

Multimedia Artist
Masters of Arts,
MA in Expressive Arts Therapy
Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFA in Material Arts and Design


Expressive Arts Methodologist & Researcher at

  Maruee Pahuja

Maruee Pahuja

Master in Optometry MA
Bachelor in Optometry
Advanced Expressive Arts Practitioner


Advisory Board

  Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Paolo J. Knill 

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Paolo J. Knill (†) 

Provost Emeritus European Graduate
School EGS          
Professor Emeritus Lesley University, Cambridge MA Faculty European Graduate School EGS


  Prof. Dr. Margo Fuchs Knill

Prof. Dr. Margo Fuchs Knill  

Dean AHS Masters Program                                     European Graduate School EGS


The interdisciplinary program organization of the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin and the cooperation with the Arts, Health & Society Division of European Graduate School allow the collaboration with international experts from different disciplinary backgrounds and teachers with excellent reputation.

The variety of strong personalities from different trans-disciplinary contexts guarantees a high-quality, intensive training that is aimed at adult learners.

Our teachers are familiar with thought processes that extend the framework of established traditions and build new networks between disciplines and institutions, both in public and in the private context.

We implement and represent an innovative and sustainable learning culture that connects faculty, students and participants to each other in a continuous and creative process.

Common to all teachers is the commitment to the potential of the art and the willingness to take responsibility for the quality of teaching.


The quality of teaching is ascertained by participation in external evaluation and regular supervision.

„Docendo discimus
We learn by teaching".