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  „Beratung & Begleitung durch kunstorientierte Prozesse“
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Certificate Expressive Arts
Master of Expressive Arts
Interkulturelles Training

Intercultural Training
Exploring Humanity through the Arts
An Expressive Arts Approach

„The social organism – a work of art Joseph Beuys

Intercultural Training

A profound intercultural attunement begins with tuning in to all aspects of oneself and then expands to the environment and to others.

In this series of workshops we will investigate the concept of integration using the Expressive Arts Methodology. These arts-based investigations seek to comprehend, shape, and reshape the cultures of the self and the other as well as their interconnections.

The concept of integration is an essential facet of Interpersonal Neurobiology, and it plays an important role in gaining an augmented understanding of the phenomena of connectivity. Integration occurs when distinct components of our internal experiences, intelligence, and awareness are brought together and linked to build a new functioning whole while honoring the beauty of their diversity.

There are nine different integration levels:

1. Integration of consciousness:
The integration of subjective experience, awareness, and intentionality to cultivate a coherent sense of self and the capacity to regulate emotions and behaviors.

2. Bilateral integration:
The integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, for cognitive, emotional, and social functioning.

3. Vertical integration:
The integration of different levels of information processing in the brain, from sensory input to higher-order cognitive processes, to form adaptive responses to the environment.

4. Memory integration:
The integration of various aspects of memory, such as sensory, emotional, and cognitive components, for constructing coherent autobiographical narratives and processing trauma.

5. Narrative integration:
The integration of different facets of one's self, such as personal history, values, and beliefs, into a coherent narrative, to develop a sense of identity and meaning.

6. State integration:
Integration of various emotional and physiological states, for emotional regulation skills and resilience.

7. Interpersonal integration:
The integration of interpersonal experiences and relationships. This is a necessary step toward social skill development, empathy, and attunement.

8. Temporal integration:
The integration of different temporal aspects of experience, such as the past, present, and future, in order to develop a sense of continuity and coherence in life.

9. Transpiration integration:
Integration of various levels of consciousness, including conscious, subconscious, and super conscious states, for the purpose of developing spiritual and transcendent experiences.

Each of these nine integration levels will serve as the framework for the progression of the six workshops, which will take place in person and online.

Objectives of the Training:

  • To get to know the Arts as a mediator and means to intercultural encounters
  • To explore the concept of humanity from a personal and creative perspective
  • To explore how our concept of humanity affects the contact to ourselves and the environment
  • To acknowledge and celebrate our individual and collective humanness
  • To reflect upon the practical and creative possibilities resulting from the exploration

The training uses a variety of artistic activities, reflection and discussion.
While no particular artistic skill is needed to participate, the training is designed to foster and ask for

  • A heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity
  • An eagerness to explore the questions in a group setting that
    supports co-creating
  • An open sharing of ideas
  • Tolerance towards diversity
  • Each of these 9 levels will serve as the framework for the progression of the workshops.  Attending all workshops is recommended and required for the Certification.

The Intercultural Training will start with a series of Exploration days; the Dates will be announced ahead. A short online information meeting with Yasaman Pishvaei is required prior to participation.

Information meeting:
Language of instruction:
Partizipation Fee:Exploration Day

Yasaman Pishvaei
90,00 EURO



Barbara Hielscher-Witte

Barbara Hielscher-Witte

Yasaman Pishvaei

Yasaman Pishvaei

Multimedia Artist
Masters of Arts,
MA in Expressive Arts Therapy
Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFA in Material Arts
and Design